One of the aspects of Robinson Franklin’s practice we consider to be the most rewarding is the very real difference we make not only to our clients’ wealth but also to their perceptions of our industry.

We often receive letters from clients thanking us for our help and we thought it fitting that we reproduce a small selection here:

“We’re amazed at the scale of improvement in our financial situation. We’d never have thought that changing something so innocuous could make that much difference.”

- Mr and Mrs Eichorn, Albany Creek, NSW

"Your thoughts on precious metals turned out to be prescient. Imagine our surprise when silver got to $50 earlier this year"

- Mr. B & Ms. S, Seoul, S. Korea

There doesn’t appear to be any let up in the flow of bad economic news. Thanks heavens we took your advice

- Mr & Mrs Bowers, Hong Kong

“Your European mining trade recommendations are spot on. Brought my trading account right back into profit. Cheers again”

- Terry Francis, Hong Kong