Institutional Director - Christopher A. Cohen

Christopher began his career in the investment world when he joined Merrill Lynch after graduation in 1997. His diversified experience in the brokerage industry has been built up in trading divisions, management, sales & marketing, research and operations. Gaining a thorough knowledge and insight into what makes a brokerage house successful, Christopher eventually settled in the Wealth Management Division of Merrill, where he managed high-net-worth clients’ portfolios in excess of $10 million. Christopher Left Merrill Lynch in mid-2002, and moved to Hong Kong, where he worked for Standard Chartered, gaining a grounding in the Asian markets before joining Robinson Franklin before inception, and creating the trading team of industry professionals.

Director of Client Development - Robert M. Joel

Robert joined L.F. Rothschild &Co., the investment bank back in 1986, where he worked in the investment banking division. After a couple of years at Rothschild, Robert moved to Deutsche Bank Securities where he enjoyed a variety of roles, before settling in the Private Clients and Asset Management Division. After a number of promotions, Robert headed up a specialist team of brokers in their Equity Capital Markets division, before leaving the U.S. in early 2003, and moving to their operations team in Singapore. Robert enjoyed two years there, before joining Robinson Franklin, and is specifically tasked with the development of RF’s client base.

Vice President, International Development - Joel Allen Kragness

Joel began his career in the investment world at one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, working for Pruco Securities as a broker/dealer, before joining Ameriprise in 1998. In late 1999, Joel decided to join his fellow countrymen, when he joined Royal Bank of Canada Dain Rauscher wealth management division in New York, where he worked in their cash management division, dealing primarily with a number of high-net-worth Asian families. In 2002 Joel was invited to join Societe Generale in Hong Kong, where he worked in a number of roles before joining Robinson Franklin in mid 2005, where he is now responsible for increasing RF’s profile internationally.

Regional Director Asia - Lee Ying-Wa

Mr. Y.W. Lee graduated from the prestigious Chinese University of Hong Kong, and joined HSBC’s management training program. After ten years at HSBC, he moved to Citigroup in Beijing, where he was responsible for business development throughout China. Mr. Lee joined Robinson Franklin in 2006, where his knowledge of the Asian markets, specifically China has proved invaluable in growing our business throughout the region.

Regional CEO - Chung Ho-man

Mr. Chung began his investment career at Nanyang Commercial Bank, where he worked for many years in the Corporate RMB services division, which coincided with the explosion of Chinese Renbinmi currency investment products which proliferated the market after Hong Kong returned to China in 1997. Mr. Chung travelled extensively throughout China, as they began to open its doors to outside investment, as he developed the brand throughout China, before joining their Bank of China subsidiary in 2001. There he worked in the Group Executive Channel Management division, before joining Robinson Franklin in 2005. Mr. Chung is now responsible for our operations throughout Asia.

Joint Chairman (no.2) - James Fairbrother

James has enjoyed more than 30 years working in the investment industry, starting out in the City of London as a trainee stockbroker. After a solid grounding in the City, James moved to Barclays, where he spent eight years at their Corporate Service division, before making the move to Asia, when he joined Bankers Trust in Hong Kong in 1989. In 1998, after the handover of Hong Kong to China, James moved to Credit Suisse in Singapore, where he worked in investment management and research departments until 2002. James then returned to Hong Kong where he joined Jardine Fleming Investments before joining Robinson Franklin at boardroom level in 2006.

Director of Analytics - Jeremy Tobin

Jeremy started out at IBM in their business analytics division, helping to develop their software which is used extensively in the banking industry. Whilst at IBM Jeremy was responsible for business intelligence, and under his remit IBM provided the analytics for most of the world’s major banks. Jeremy joined Robinson Franklin in 2006, where he is now responsible for our all of our analyst teams.

Director of Risk Management - Edward Coleman

Edward started out in the Corporate Governance division at Hewlett Packard, before moving into the world of finance with bank of America. Edward has also filled roles with Bear Stearns and Goldman Sachs, before joining Robinson Franklin at director level in 2006.

Director of Public Relations - Adam Finlay

Adam joined Robinson Franklin in 2006 after spending the first part of his career in New York, working at a number of media companies. He has successfully filled roles at some of the largest corporations in the U.S, including Time Warner and Viacom, before taking up his position in Asia.

Media Director - Josh Davenport

Josh followed Adam Finlay from New York to Shanghai, where he is now in charge of all of our media. His current responsibilities include forwarding the Robinson Franklin into Europe, specifically London and Berlin.