Why Choose Us?

Our industry is highly competitive--we realize that you have several excellent alternatives to consider before you make a decision but there are a number of reasons why Robinson Franklin should be at the top of any shortlist.

  • Respect
    We are committed to the preservation and safety of your assets. We realize that it’s just as important to preserve what we already have as it is to acquire more.
  • Support
    We want you to regard us as part of your team of professional advisers. One of those you can trust to put your interests ahead of all other considerations. Trust in us to help you reach your objectives.
  • Discipline
    We worked hard to develop disciplined investment strategies that are effective, easy to understand and easy to explain. Our aim is the production of consistently superior investment returns via application of professional due diligence and the identification of opportunities so many of our rivals fail to recognize.
  • Performance
    Since our establishment in 2005, we've added value to our benchmarks over most time frames. The wisdom of strategies devised back then is reinforced upon examination of global equity market trends in terms of sector strength and geographical location.
  • Experience
    With over 120 years' combined investment management experience, we've seen bull and bear sides of several market cycles. It is always those who retain their confidence in the power of research who weather the storms.

If you need to benefit from the application of highly-disciplined methodologies to the business of investment portfolio management, then you must consider Robinson Franklin. We're always delighted to answer any questions you might have. Contact us. You'll be glad you did!