Access Venture Capital

Venture Capital is a type of private equity capital that is usually provided by professional, institutionally-backed investors to rapid-growth and/or large, established businesses. It typically takes the form of cash provided in exchange for stocks in the recipient company.

Whilst the VCs operate similarly to private investors, they tend to only consider larger-sized investments. They’re usually inundated with inquiries and they generally take a considerable amount of time to conclude their transactions. There are, however, a handful of VC funds that can act quickly.

Most Venture Capital funds have a preference for projects in excess of $5 million and only a handful will entertain capital investment for recovery circumstances.

Venture Capital funds are, more often than not, most interested in ventures with exceptionally high potential for growth since, in their view, only those opportunities are likely to be capable of generating the financial returns and profitable exit within the specified period (normally 3-7 years) that they expect.

A company in possession of a solid business plan, a lean and experienced management who have personal stakes in it will find it easier to raise this type of finance. Of course, the VCs will want to identify a suitable exit point and attempt to target minimum returns in excess of 40% per year before committing funds.

Robinson Franklin has superb contacts within this market place. Should your requirements fit the VC profile, we can manage the fund raising process end to end.