Our proven process

An informed client is a happy client. Robinson Franklin always makes sure that our clients understand their investments, the market and the economic factors that influence them. By keeping our clients informed, we build on their trust and understanding of the decisions we make on their behalves and help to avoid instances where perfectly sound strategies are abandoned at the most inappropriate times.

With a collaborative approach, we follow a four-step approach to wealth management:

1. Profiling — through in-depth discussion and analysis with you, we build a detailed profile of your financial circumstances, time perspective, risk acceptance level, goals and expectations.

2. Roadmap — in this phase, we devise an individualized proposal, which represents a roadmap for your financial odyssey. The proposal includes our asset allocation strategy, our recommendations and also outlines what you should expect from us in terms of service and communication.

3. Deployment — At this juncture, we choose investments to acquire that match the asset allocation recommendation outlined in the proposal. As we build the portfolio during this phase, we make sure that each holding is aligned with your risk and return objectives.

4. Review — our portfolio managers monitor your portfolio judiciously and implement adjustments and fine-tuning measures as required. Each quarter, we provide you with a performance report that provides an overview of the individual securities held in your portfolio. In addition, each month in which a transaction has been made, you will receive a monthly statement.

Rebalancing is a process at which Robinson Franklin excels and one which is often overlooked by many advisors. At an interval that is agreeable to you, we ensure that your portfolio exhibits the optimum, targeted asset allocation so it is prepared for any downdrafts the markets may experience. If an asset class has performed well for some time, we supplant it with another that has underperformed but may be set to improve.

It is crucial to remove emotions like fear and greed from the process and we urge our clients to behave counter-intuitively.