How we Work

We Listen

  • The consulting process at Robinson Franklin is centered on what you have to say
  • We ask targeted, pertinent questions that are designed to help us get to know you as an individual as well as the questions that extract valuable information about your financial situation, your financial objectives and your time horizon
  • We listen intently to your answers
  • We recognize that, unlike institutions, individual investors tend to have distinctive and highly personalized aspirations, goals, and tolerance for the risks associated with investing
  • We never attempt to advise you until we know exactly what you want

We Speak

  • Once we’ve defined your financial goals clearly, we start the search for the solutions and products best suited to helping you achieve them
  • We assemble the complementary skills of our highly skilled senior professionals (and, where necessary, we enlist expertise from outside resources like estate planning specialists) to construct a personalized plan for you
  • This often involves the construction of a tax-management strategy, an insurance program, and/or an estate plan It could entail coordinating your personal financial plan with your business planning

You Understand

  • Once a plan is created, we will present it to you together with our highly-researched recommendations for implementation
  • We present our plans against a backdrop of utter transparency, open communication and bilateral discussion
  • We realize that informed clients make the best decisions
  • By answering your questions and assuaging your concerns at the outset of our professional relationship, we are laying the foundations of a long-term association grounded in mutual trust and shared expectations

You Profit

  • We implement your personalized financial plan using the best vehicles, products and processes available to us
  • The combined resources of our organization include the necessary licenses and registrations required to administer all the various facets of your financial plan
  • We believe that the ability to provide comprehensive execution of your wealth management strategy is a significant value we bring to our client relationships