Financial Planning

Robinson Franklin’s approach to financial planning begins with a comprehensive financial evaluation is based on the individual’s or the family’s needs and goals, the identification of the optimal risk profile and, of course, any special circumstances related to the overall financial picture.

We collate information about your income and expenses, any existing investment portfolio, your other assets and your liabilities. Risk profile is unique to each and every client and must be carefully determined after weighing return expectations against asset class risk. One of our methods includes your completion of a short questionnaire that helps to establish your tolerance for risk exposure.

All through the review process, we collaborate with you to home in on your investment goals and to establish an appropriate time horizon over which to achieve them.

The information you provide is used to develop a financial report which is designed to analyze your financial position as it could reasonably be expected to evolve over time. This proprietary approach enables us to consider your assets, liabilities, income and expenses on current and future timescales. Under different sets of assumptions, Robinson Franklin evaluates the likelihood of attaining your goals and factors in scenarios that could potentially adversely affect your objectives.