Essential Research

All Robinson Franklin investment strategies are the culmination of diligent and painstaking research.

We identify and invest in sectors that are set to thrive in underlying economic conditions and our research teams are remarkably proficient at recognizing these companies.

While we do not consider ourselves to be contrarian in our methodology, we recognize that when everyone is crowding in at the top of any asset or market, it is typically a cue for Robinson Franklin portfolio managers to quietly look to reduce our clients’ exposure.

We rely upon traditional methods of analysis including fundamentals where we tweeze through the minutiae of the target company's balance sheets, examine their earnings, mull the price-to-earnings ratio and earnings per share.

We complement this fundamental analysis with technical analysis. This enables us to identify the most appropriate entry points into the market for the chosen security. We prefer to buy into a security whilst its price is consolidating or nearing the end of a technical retracement.