Is your portfolio adequately diversified? Is your diversification spread across risk types as well as by asset class? We’ve often heard diversification described as “the only free lunch in investment” because its ability to significantly reduce risk is a matter of fact, rooted in mathematics and statistics.

Robinson Franklin considers a capacious view of asset classes and may incorporate alternative strategies such as hard assets/commodities, foreign currency, domestic equities and other forms of non-traditional assets. Diversification is not concerned just with risk reduction. Investment research conducted over several decades indicates that the overwhelming majority of returns available from investment can be secured through asset allocation. Robinson Franklin integrates this research into our portfolio construction process by preserving strategic exposure to a wide array of asset classes instead of endeavoring to pick winners and losers.

Robinson Franklin's investment process is rooted in permanent principles: broad diversification, a logical, "open architecture" approach to investment choice, low costs, and tax-efficiency.