Discretionary Management

As you’d expect, the professionals here at Robinson Franklin are highly-qualified to provide superior discretionary asset management services. Because of our fiduciary status, we can leverage a distinctive form of adviser/client trust that removes the requirement for prior consent to engage in trades in individual securities.

Instead, you and Robinson Franklin mutually agree on a number of investment parameters at the outset. These parameters clearly set down your objectives and risk restrictions and also define the investment framework that underpins our discretionary authority.

The creation of our Investment Policy Declaration (IPD) provides transparency, mutual understanding and also establishes the confines within which our discretionary authority can be implemented. To all intents and purposes, this creates an investment “game plan” for how we will manage your wealth.

Part of our service involves regular rebalancing of portfolios so they remain consistent with the optimal asset allocation and biases established at the outset. Without these procedural benchmarks and a program of reviews in place, it is possible for portfolios to drift considerably and become unbalanced. Our approach eradicates this.